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Social Media Management

Social Media has become essential for the success of most businesses. It allows the company to communicate with their consumers and also provide instant a Call to Action marketing campaigns.

Are you too busy to manage your posts, updates, and content? Let us take the burden off your shoulders and provide management services for your social media. We will manage your daily tweets, weekly Facebook uploads, and even E-Mail Blasts! Below are the prices for Social Media Management (1 month min.)

- Automated Tweets (The frequency and duration of tweets will be set by you, for instance you only would like 50 tweets per day at 30 minute intervals.)

- "Call to Action" with Direct Message distribution to all of your followers. This feature is great for promoting a new product, service, and/or sale for your business.

- Increase in followers (We use a follow/unfollow method to provide your account with followers who have relevance to your industry and an interest in the service or product you provide. You are allowed to select specific regions and keywords associated with your market, and we even include a search by mile radius as well.

Currently the pricing for the service mentioned is $200/Mo. Within the first two weeks if you would like to cancel, you will be refunded half of your paid invoice. If you have further questions please feel free to ask or you can contact us at the number below.

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